Meanderings into the world of cuts and folds; apertures into whole worlds of shadows and light interplaying … feeling as though I have stepped onto a side track discovering a new adventure that is awaiting me …

“Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.”  Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows, Japan 1933

Winter Fugue

480 x 480mm 2017 Gouache on paper

This piece explores the energy espoused in the musical compositions I was listening to at the time. Using a combination of gradated ‘colourwaves’ along with the employment of angled cuts and folds in the paper, the piece became reflective of not only the storms that raged outside this winter season, but allowed for the idea of a fugue to be explored where each cut and fold represented a current of pattern culminating into a climax of colours that reflected the early burst of wildflowers.

Glimpses Through The Trees

340 x 470mm 2017 Gouache on paper

On days when I go out into the bush to conduct watercolour field studies, I find myself keeping very still. The Australian bush offer much to the quiet and the trees give glimpses into wonderful interplays of light, shadows and colours.